the birth of whiskey

  1. The origin of whiskey can be traced back to Ireland and Scotland in the late Middle Ages. Monks first distilled whiskey as a means of preserving surplus grains. Over time, the production of whiskey became a widespread practice and eventually evolved into the commercial industry it is today.
  2. There are several types of whiskey, including bourbon, scotch, Irish whiskey, and rye whiskey. Bourbon is characterized by its sweet, caramel-like flavor and is made primarily from corn. Scotch is made from malted barley and has a smoky, peaty flavor. Irish whiskey is known for its smooth, light flavor and is made from a blend of malted and unmalted barley. Rye whiskey is made from rye and has a spicy, bold flavor.
  3. Pairing whiskey with food can enhance the flavor of both. Some popular pairings include smoked salmon with scotch, dark chocolate with bourbon, and grilled steak with rye whiskey.
  4. Whiskey is made from grains that are mashed, fermented, distilled, and then aged in oak barrels. The type of grain used, as well as the method of distillation and aging, contributes to the final flavor of the whiskey. Proper storage is important for maintaining the quality of whiskey. This involves keeping it in a cool, dark place, away from light and extreme temperatures, and storing it in a bottle that is tightly sealed.

recommend 5 whiskeys worth buying

  1. Macallan 18-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch: A smooth, rich, and well-balanced scotch with notes of dark chocolate, dried fruit, and oak.
  2. Johnnie Walker Blue Label: A blend of some of Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional whiskies, this is a smooth and complex whiskey with a long, rich finish.
  3. Maker’s Mark Bourbon: A soft and smooth bourbon with notes of vanilla, caramel, and honey.
  4. Glenfiddich 21-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch: A complex and elegant scotch with notes of fruit, vanilla, and oak.
  5. Lagavulin 16-Year-Old Islay Single Malt Scotch: A smoky and full-bodied scotch with a peaty flavor and a long finish.

Note: Availability of these brands may vary at different duty-free shops.

What is the difference between cognac and whiskey?

  1. Cognac is a type of brandy, which is a spirit made from distilled wine. Cognac specifically must be produced in the Cognac region of France, using specific grapes and production methods, to be considered cognac.
  2. The main difference between cognac and whiskey is the type of base alcohol used and the production process. Whiskey is made from fermented grains such as barley, corn, or rye, while cognac is made from distilled wine. Additionally, whiskey is usually aged in oak barrels, while cognac is aged in French oak.
  3. Cognac is typically consumed as an after-dinner drink, or as a sipping spirit. It is often served neat or on the rocks, and can also be used in cocktails. Cognac pairs well with rich, hearty dishes such as grilled meats, stews, and chocolate desserts. It is also often enjoyed with cigars or served as an aperitif with cheese and crackers.

5 types of whiskey and cognac that are popular for drinking at Gangnam karaoke:


    1. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey: A smooth and accessible whiskey that is easy to mix into cocktails.
    2. Bulleit Bourbon: A bold and spicy bourbon with notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak.
    3. Jameson Irish Whiskey: A smooth and approachable whiskey with notes of green apple and spice.
    4. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky: A sweet and spicy whiskey with a warming cinnamon flavor.
    5. Wild Turkey 101: A full-bodied whiskey with notes of vanilla, caramel, and spice.


  1. Hennessey VS: A well-balanced cognac with notes of fruit, vanilla, and oak.
  2. Remy Martin VSOP: A smooth and elegant cognac with a long, rich finish.
  3. Courvoisier VS: A smooth and versatile cognac with notes of vanilla, fruit, and floral.
  4. Hennessy XO: A rich and complex cognac with notes of dried fruit, chocolate, and spice.
  5. Martell VS: A smooth and well-balanced cognac with notes of fruit and vanilla.