5 Best Batman Animated Movies

Most of us are in love with Batman films and we just can’t get enough of them. Batman’s adventures do not commence with Tim Burton and end with Christopher Nolan. Below are 5 best Batman animated films of all time that will keep you entertained:

1. Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker

Batman Beyond is an animated series that involves crime fighting activities that came about in the future. If the earlier item concentrated on the Batman’s first day at work, this portrays his retirement.

Bruce Wayne brings his career as Batman to an end. After 20 years, Terry McGinnis a 17-year-old boy takes over as Batman with Bruce Wayne as his guide.

This film focuses on Terry McGinnis and how he does not want to take the role as Batman anymore. The Joker returns to Gotham which to Bruce is unbelievable since he witnessed the death of the Joker (again.)

We get to see some vicious flashbacks showing the time Joker abducted Tim Drake. The film is able to bring some enthralling adventures of the Batman’s world that we love to watch.

With the voices of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil as Bruce Wayne and the Joker respectively; was all that the movie required to attain that feeling of nostalgia that keeps us enjoying this exceptional series.

If you have not had the chance to watch this movie I refuse to spoil it for you, nevertheless I recommend you get your popcorns ready and enjoy this amazing series on Movie Box App.

2. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns is undeniably the best of Frank Miller’s work. The movie focuses on the story of an elderly Bruce Wayne which was quite daring to tell since we all like to figure Batman as a youthful man fighting crime by taking justice into his hands.

This film portrays Bruce as an aged and bitter man. He is overwhelmed by nightmares and he is doing all he can to settle down into retirement, however, he is unable to let go of the bat mantle.

He battles against new and existing enemies and is pulled back in yet again and we get to see his heroic fight against Superman. The animation is excellent and I simply could not stand any disruptions while watching.

3. Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm

The fact is the Mask of the Phantasm is an old movie with outdated animation; however, it still qualifies to be in the category of the 5 best Batman animated films of all time. We get the chance to view Bruce Wayne as himself instead of just glances of who he is with no cowl.

Bruce witnesses the return Andrea Beaumont –an old love interest- as well as the appearance of a new vigilante. The vigilante is eliminating people and Batman is accused of these actions.

By digging into the love life of Bruce Wayne it shows a creative way that connects into the origin story of Batman. The most interesting sections of the film are Mark Hamill’s depiction of the Joker and the outstanding soundtrack.

It is easy to suppose that the target audience of this movie was the children; nonetheless, there are several grown-up themes that run in the entire film. We advise you to download some Free Movie Apps to enjoy the movie with your friends and family.

4. Batman: Year One

Year One is a fascinating film that shows the transformation of Bruce Wayne into Batman and it happens in a direct way imitating Frank Miller’s graphic novel with a similar name. The story focuses on Gordon and Bruce Wayne as they commence their journey of fighting crime in Gotham.

Miller is popular his dark take on comics with examples such as 300 and Sin City. Year One was also an inspiration to the dark take of Christopher Nolan on the Batman Franchise.

Year One digs more into Miller’s typical comic by perfectly adapting the original content instead of just getting motivation from it. Fans get the chance to see the comic get real in the most accurate depiction possible.

The film has a fantastic animation and the way it parallels every character is simply brilliant. This film is a must watch for every fan.

5. Batman: Under the Red Hood

All the films in this category have attained some great levels of success, but when it comes to Batman: Under The Red Hood it might achieve more than the rest.

Neil Patrick Harris voiced Nightwing while the John Di Maggio was the voice behind the Joker. They both did a wonderful job by giving an exceptional voicing to their characters.

This film makes use of a slightly conventional animation compared to the Dark Knight Returns in a way that it brings to mind several TV series and movies. However, the brains behind the film made a great movie without making it appear outdated or lazy.

This movie is a blend of all things that makes a remarkable animated Batman film. Besides scoring high in the top categories, the Under The Red Hood shows its viewers a susceptible Batman and offers one of the amazing glances into why the hero has to stick to the codes he makes. You can use MovieBox APK to download or stream the movie online.

Top 10 Best DC Animated Movies of All Time

Since its inception, the DC animated universe has been able to capture the minds of both kids and adults for over 20 years. Together with Warner bros, DC has been able to piece together some of the most mesmerizing animation movies of all time. The following ten DC animated movies are by far the representation of the best that the DC animation universe has had to offer to its targeted audience. From least to best, the list is as follows:

10. Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths-2010

This is an amazing DC animation movie whose setting is primarily based on the comics JLA:Earth 2 and Crisis on Earth Three. This is amazing to watch as it depicts a unique setting in which the Earth prime heroes are made to contend with their dopplegangers from Earth 3. It is a well-coordinated piece which reveals DC’s consistency in as far as satisfying their audience is concerned. You can now stream the movie online or download it to your smartphone using MovieBox Apk

9. Justice League War-2014

This should not shock you. The two Justice League DC animation movies are certainly phenomenal. Like its predecessor, the story for this one is quite unique but interesting and sets the pace for other upcoming DC animated movies. DC surprised its universe by introducing a new story, Justice League: Origin based on the New 52 canon. It is more adapted to adult animation although it also fits perfectly into the confines of its usual audience.

8. Batman: Assault On Arkham-2014

In the year of the release of Justice League War, DC also released Batman: Assault on Arkham. This piece was stunningly unique and mind capturing. It was partially based on video game series Arkam, but a whole different story altogether. The suicide squad dominated the whole story featuring DC’s famous leader Amanda Waller and the Dark Knight. It is a perfect piece for you if you would like to see the other side of DC universe which focuses on the Suicide squad and swerves away from the superhero stories you are used to. We recommend you to get some Free Movie Apps on your smartphone to keep yourself updated with the DC Universe and new releases.

7. The Dark Knight Returns-2012

In 2012, DC was poised to surprise the whole DC universe with the reintroduction of the Dark Knight, a character that had once captured the attention of the DC universe prior to his retirement. This time around, he is forced to emerge out of retirement and fight against the Mutants. DC uses Weller’s voice for the Dark Knight to reassert their prowess when it comes to choosing voice characters. It is an action packed movie with non-stop intrigue and fan.

6. Justice League: Gods and Monsters-2015

After a series of successful Justice League movies, DC was at it again. This time around DC shows the universe that it is capable of surprises. The movie is based on a standalone story which is not connected to its predecessor stories. It is an explicit and mature movie in which the character’s origins were completely different.

5. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker-2000

Joker returns to the scene in a spectacular fashion. The movie comes in both the rated and unrated versions. It has been renowned for being one of the most emotional stories DC has ever told. The unrated version features more violence and intensity in speech. It reveals the past about the Joker and Batman and presents their longstanding struggle in a unique way. The manner in which the Joker returns to action is what makes this movie unique and electrifying.

4. Wonder Woman-2009

In 2009, DC showed why they have been able to win a lion share of the animation television audience after they brought Wonder woman on the scene in great fashion. The story is based on the origins of the prolific princess and warrior. Almost all of her supporting characters are incorporated into the movie, making it an epic action packed movie.

3. Justice League: Doom-2012

This is amazing movie whose storyline is based on the contingency plan by Batman which eventually led to the fall of the superheroes. It is an action packed movie with non-stop intrigue. What is interesting is how the Batman rivals the man who had laid hands on his contingency plan.

2. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox-2013

This Justice League movie is able to feature on this list based on its ability to present the time paradox in a whole new fashion. It reveals the story of Barry Allan the Flash, his attempts to reset time in a bid to save his mother who was killed in cold blood and how such a move caused untold damage to the universe. How he dealt with the paradox is what sets this movie apart.

1. Batman: Under the Red Hood-2010

This is by far the most compelling and mind capturing Batman story of all time. It is adapted from two comic books, the Death in the Family and Under the Red Hood. The manner in which it presents the batman story is just mind staggering. It tells a story involving Batman and his ex-partner who Batman loses during a crime fight. At the same time, a new menace is in town threatening to destroy Batman and the crime fighting unity. But, this tyrant is actually Batman’s ex-partner under the Red Hood, making the story even more interesting. So what are you waiting for? Go grab some popcorn and watch it now on Movie Box App.

Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

In 2015 we had the opportunity of watching movies which were mainly sequels as well as box-office hits featuring many popular celebrities in the film industry. 2016 is also no different. However, it is anticipated that in 2017 we have much more in store for us. Watching the movie schedules will definitely make us excited and happy. In the following paragraphs, we are going to mention the top 10 most anticipated movies of 2017.

List of the Top 10 Movies Which Are Highly Anticipated​

1. Spider-Man: Homecoming


Although we have witnessed quite a few Spiderman movies in the past, this particular movie is special since it is going to portray the life of Peter Parker, whose role is being played by none other than Tom Holland. Apart from this, there will also be some special appearances from Michael Keaton and Robert Downey Jr. We just can't wait for this and we hope that it becomes available for us to watch on smartphones via Movie Box APK

2. Transformers: The Last Knight


In spite of the fact that the Transformers motion pictures have not been applauded critically, these movies are rapidly gaining immense popularity amongst the movie buffs all over the world. There is going to be 4 more films of this franchise; however, we need to wait till next year. It would be really exciting to watch one more action-packed Michael Bay flick.

3. Fast And Furious 8


We have been thrilled watching the famous film series, Fast and Furious, over the past few years and in 2017 we will be waiting for Fast and Furious 8, which will be its eighth installment. This particular film will definitely be one of the most anticipated movies in 2017 mainly because of all those mind-boggling actions plus some cool vehicle stunts. Sadly, one would surely feel the absence of the noted actor Paul Walker while watching this movie. Its first release is expected to be in France in the month of April.

4. Fifty Shades Darker


After author Kelly Marcel made a decision to leave the cast, her vacant position was filled up by Niall Leonard; therefore, it is very likely that we can finally watch this thrilling movie in 2017. In fact, the passionate scenes between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will surely attract a huge audience.

5. War of the Planet of the Apes


The Planet of the Apes experienced a huge success earlier with the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and also the Rise of the Planet of the Apes. This series is going to be back next year with its 3rd volume. With the passage of time, there has been a vast improvement in the Planet of the Apes motion pictures and individuals across the world love to enjoy these movies. The main characters like Koba and Caesar have captured the hearts of many people and this film will be released on 14th July 2017 in the USA.

6. Beauty And The Beast


This particular movie has been directed by Bill Condon who has been successful in making the renowned fairytale come to real life. One can witness quite a few celebrities while watching this movie and the list includes Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, Emma Thompson, Josh Gad, and Kevin Kline. The kids will definitely enjoy this motion picture. We suggest you get some Free Movie Apps on your smartphone and let your kids have the time of their life.

7. Kong: Skull Island


Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston will be starring in the main roles in this film. Just like the earlier successful movies on King Kong, this film should also attract numerous movie enthusiasts next year. The mind-boggling actions of King Kong, who is actually a giant ape, will be a treat to watch on the silver screen and these actions will be enhanced by some outstanding special effects. The expected release of this movie is on March 2017 in the US.

8. Maze Runner: the Death Cure


This movie will be released in February, next year. The key role has been played by Dylan O’Brian who, along with his buddies, will try to find a remedy for a deadly ailment known as the “Flare”. According to a rumor, it was predicted that this film will be split into two parts; however, this has been negated by director Wes Ball.

9. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2


This motion picture is going to be directed by James Gunn. We expect a sequel after the huge success of the 1st part. One will be able to witness the struggles faced by the Guardians of the Galaxy who will make an attempt to help Peter Quill find his parents.

10. The Wolverine 3


After his huge success with the earlier movies, Hugh Jackman will be seen in action in yet another box-office hit namely The Wolverine 3 next year. Not much information is available regarding the venue of the movie as well as the cast; however, it is certain that the film will be directed by James Mangold which means that we are set for yet another engrossing motion picture.

There you have it friends, the list of the highly anticipated movies of 2017 which you can watch on Movie Box once they are available.​

Top 7 Great Movies of 2016 Which You Can Watch

Seeing that the year end is almost here, one might tend to think that 2016's best movies have already been produced. This is a notion that might come naught at award season when the only movies scooping awards are the ones that were released in September or later in the year! That said, we will have to wait til the end of December to get the comprehensive list of this year's top cream. Film mongers have had their fair share of poorly produced low quality movies but have enjoyed a broader selection of incredible movie productions to select from, some of which are listed below. You can enjoy them all right on Movie Box App.

Top 7 Movies Released in 2016 Which Are Worthy of Watching​

Love and friendship


Love and friendship is a movie derived from a novel that was written by Jane Austin in 1970's.This is another one of Stillman's work of perfection, a romantic comedy about Lady Susan (Kate Beckinsale) who plays an enchanting character that stirs a lot of scrutiny among those she happens to come in contact with. As she goes on in her man hunt, her childhood friend and partner in crime Chloe is hands on in her every move.

Captain America: Civil war


With this great release, Disney is definitely going to take a bounty of rewards home with a sum of slightly above $1billion already tucked away. Captain America is one of those great movies that never grows old. This one in particular throws our favorite super heroes in there to spice up the movie. Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr, never disappoint.



According to what critics say, Fox took a very huge plunge investing in this movie but as it turns out, it was well worth it. We all know that superhero movies always capture the masses and this was not exceptional, bagging a whopping $780 million very easily. This movie gives you that sense of R-rated humor that will crack you up from start to end. Ryan Reynold plays a reckless superhero role while making his X-men colleagues the joke of the day. He portrays a character that is ever ready to indulge in stupidity and callousness. Even though it seems like the type of film to depict the life of internet and smartphone addicted teenage boys, Marvel's producer Tim miller takes it home with his captivating ability to utilize all genres.

The witch


This movie is tangible proof that great movies are not only made in America, but also in England! This is England at its finest hour with Robert Eggers at the front wheel doing what he does best, directing! With a 17th century set up and a spine-chilling twist to it, the movie does a fine job of mixing action and teeth- gritting terror aspect that leaves you curling like a ball at the far end corner of your house. You can always watch it alone on your smartphone with Free Movie Apps if you think that watching horror movies in theater reduces the scare potential.

Sing street


An Irish producer Jon Carney puts his mark of greatness in this production by making this movie the sincerest of its kind with heart felt 80's pop music in the tune of Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and the likes. Cornor and his friends make huge hits inspired by their desire to pursue music, each in his own journey. This movie is a popcorn flick, the kind to watch on repeat over and over again, alone, with friends and with family. You will not grow tired of watching it.

Cloverfield lane


Owing to the fact that this movie is directed by a newbie, one would dismiss it as being one of the small time box office movies which get produced every now and then, that not a great deal of people would care about. Contrary to this, it is one of those exceptional productions that supersede everyone's expectations. After the production of its prequel "Cloverfield", the viewers were left thinking that this was the stand alone type of movies only to realize that a sequel was to be produced later on. The movie fully exploits the sense of dynamism in its actors and uses that to create roles such as Mary Elizabeth's that make the thriller all the more captivating.

Green room


This is one of the great movies that might easily slip up when top movie lists are being made. Horror movies tend to be a genre that is watched by a selected few. None the less, it does not mean that a top rated horror movie will go unmentioned. Critics would lean more on dismissing this movie as being too aggressive and brutal, not to discredit it by saying this but to paint a picture of what you should expect to see. It has the dirty pubs playing metallic and punk music kind of set up with an interesting story line involving murder that will captivate you all the way through. Grab your bowl of popcorn and take your seat.

There you have it guys, the list of the top 7 movies released in 2016 which you can consider watching on MovieBox APK on your Android device from the comfort of your home.​

Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad)

It does not really matter whether you’re a lecturer or a mechanic! In this busy life, you’ll be finding some solace in good entertainment, especially in movies. Yes, movies are something that we can call universal entertainment methods. And it does not really matter where you hail from and what type of movies you like — the global collection is enough to satisfy. There was a time when you had to rush to the cinema theatre to watch your favourite films. Or, you had to buy the DVD or find some other premium methods. Nevertheless, today, after the dawn of free movie apps for various platforms, it is an easy task to watch your favourite flicks, anytime, anywhere. Suppose you are on the way to your workspace and you’ve 2 hours to spare. Wouldn’t that be great if you can watch your favourite flicks using a free movie app? And, that is exactly what we are talking about in this article.

You may think all movies are paid, even on the internet. However, you are really wrong and there are many ways to watch your favourite films online, without any glitch. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to do so. Yes, you heard us right — you can watch different films, free of cost, given that you have a decent internet connection. To do that, you need to get your hands on some online movie apps, available for your device platform. And, you are lucky if you have an Android smartphone, an iPhone or an iPad. There are plenty of movie apps you can use to stream and download your favourite flicks, in a single tap.

It’s natural if you are surprised by the number of apps as well as the collection of movies. Such big the collection that you may be confused about choosing. In this article, however, we will help you make things quicker and easier for the movie freak in you. We will list out the best free movie apps for Android and iOS. Using these apps, you can have access to huge collection of movies, hosted by various services. We will talk about apps that are available for Android and iOS devices so that you don’t have to miss the movie-watching experience when you move to iPad from your Android smartphone. We’ll also go brief about the installation process and availability, and obviously the collection you get access to.

To start with, we will cover the free movie download and streaming apps for Android.

​Best Free Movie Apps for Android​

So, now, we will go in-detail into the cool Android apps to watch free movies, from your Android smartphone or tablet PC. All these apps are completely free to use and you should not doubt that. If someone asks you to pay for these apps, don’t be a prey to their frauds. Trust us when we say that — these apps will surely help you enjoy your favourite flicks, free of cost, regardless the time and situation.

We should start the list of apps, right?

1. ShowBox for Android

ShowBox is one of the most popular options to watch movies for free, from your Android smartphone. This app has also been popular as MovieBox for Android; you know that if you had searched for the iOS counterpart earlier. Talking of this MovieBox app, it’s clean, impressive and worth the effort you take. As you could have guessed, ShowBox for Android isn’t available in Google Play Store, for obvious reasons. That having said, you can easily get your hands on the ShowBox app, by installing the APK file. When compared to the movies download apps, ShowBox has plenty of features to offer, not to mention the free-of-cost availability.

What makes ShowBox unique is the availability of unique content. It does not matter whether you are into science fiction or drama films, you will find the favourite flicks at ShowBox inventory. The best part is that you have access to TV Series from trusted providers. Setting up and using ShowBox is easier than you imagine. Right after you install the app, you have access to the collection of movies and TV series. You can either stream the video content or download it for watching later sometime. This is a cool feature if you don’t have access to a decent internet connection every time. Another feature we found amazing in ShowBox for Android is the My Library, where you can bookmark content for later access.

So, if you are looking for a free movie downloader app, ShowBox will be appealing to you. And, obviously, you don’t have to worry about the collection or reliability. Altogether, if you have a good connection, MovieBox app is enough to let you watch favourite flicks without being bothered about time or space. It works everywhere, every time. Period.

2. CinemaBox for Android

One of the coolest movie watching apps in our list, CinemaBox for Android offers extended features for movie freaks out there. This is true when you need an enhanced level of movie-watching experience, especially on a bigger screen — say, a TV on your bedroom or so. As you can guess, CinemaBox is completely free to use and there are no hidden charges in it. Once again, despite being free, you cannot download this app from Google Play. On the other hand, you can get the APK file from the official website, which is pretty much the same. In short, you don’t have to worry about the safety or reliability of provided films. Needless to say, you get more features when compared to the other movies apps.

For one, CinemaBox for Android has an ultra-simple User Interface. You can easily pick the movie in a few taps. Another feature that we loved is the offline availability of films and subtitle support. While offline availability lets you watch films even when you don’t have a connection, subtitle support is awesome when you watch foreign-language films. But, on top of all these, we have Chromecast Support. Yes, you can stream the movie content into your TV screen using Chromecast. Wouldn’t that be great if you have cool High Definition content to be enjoyed widely? Well, that’s what CinemaBox is all about. And, if you want to let your kids use the app, you can make use of its Kids Mode too.

Considering all these points, CinemaBox for Android has more features than any other choice in list. At the least, you will have access to the regularly-updated collection of movies and TV series. And, you can start streaming or download in one single tap — doesn’t that sound great?

3. Crackle

While looking for apps to watch movies and series, the collection should be a major decision-making point. If that is your case, you should try Crackle — which is an all-in-one free movies app for Android devices out there. The best part about this app is the availability of versatile content. You can watch not just top-notch movie titles but also exclusive originals & TV content. So, even if you are looking for a drama TV series or some animation films, you will find something cool in the collection of Crackle app for Android. Of course, to give a different experience, Crackle app for free movies is equipped with a bunch of classy features.

What makes Crackle different from the abovementioned apps is the easier availability and accessibility. You can download and install the application from Google Play Store, in a simple tap. If you have a device running Android v4.0 or later, your device should support this cool application. Another feature of Crackle is the in-depth integration with a bunch of devices like Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Sony PlayStation etc. You can play your favourite films on the bigger screen if you have any of these devices. Moving on to the miscellaneous additional features, you find a lot. For instance, you have the option to save content into the account for watching later. Also, the Crackle account will let you enjoy the movies from where you left off — regardless the device.

Last but not least, Crackle for Android offers a bunch of originals too. If you are not satisfied with the collection of popular flicks and TV series, you have access to originals such as Cars Getting Coffee, SuperMansion, Sports Jeopardy etc. When we consider that Crackle does not require any kind of subscription, it’s worth a try as one of the free film apps.

4. Tubi TV

One of the highest rated free movie apps in Google Play Store, Tubi TV is a trustworthy name when you want to enjoy the best movies, TV Series and other visual content, free of cost. First, we can talk about the content offered in Tubi TV. It has been equipped with weekly-updated visual content — ranging from the popular films to even the rarest TV series. With a lesser number of commercials and no payment at all, Tubi TV brings all the good stuff onto your Android device screen. If you did not know, you will be able to stream full HD content, provided you have an internet connection with you. Once it is done, Tubi TV welcomes you to the world of movies, documentaries, anime content, horror stuff and a lot more. Do not worry about the authenticity aspect, because you are downloading the Tubi TV app from Play Store.

As you can guess, there are many features to make things easier for you. On top of all, we see the simple organization of the application and content. You can find the desired content in no time and it will start streaming in no time. Of course, you have an option to connect the Tubi TV account with devices like Chromecast, Xbox and Roku and start streaming the same content on your home TV screen or someplace else. Don’t worry about not being able to catch up with the updates. The collection of Tubi TV is updated on each Friday, thus bringing the latest episodes of TV shows and the released films. What we loved about Tubi TV is the awesome organization of films. The team arranges worth-watching films from both the classic masters and common films.

In short, Tubi TV is one of the best free movie download apps for Android. It’s simple to use, trustworthy and doesn’t need a bit of money to run. What else do you want from an app in the category?

So, these are the best free movie apps you can get for your Android smartphone or tablet PC, for that matter. Now, we’ll go to the curated collection of iOS-based movies download apps. Check out our list, find the best and start watching — or, downloading — the films or TV series you need, without being bothered about time or situation.

​Best Free Movie Apps for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Some people say that you cannot download good movies and TV series on your iPhone or iPad. They are doing so because they do not about the best free movie downloader apps and streaming apps out there. Of course, installing these apps is a tough task in most of the cases, but not impossible. With a few tutorials and steps, you can have the best movie-streams and TV series content, right on the iPad screen. But, just make sure that you pick one of these best movie apps for your Apple device.

1. Movie Box

Movie Box is one of the trusted and most used methods to watch movies free of cost, on iPhones and iPads. It’s natural if you have heard about this app before but couldn’t access it easily. It’s so because Movie Box isn’t available in App Store. That said, you have plenty of methods to install MovieBox on your iOS device. The best part is that you can install it with no technicalities of jailbreaking or anything. If you are interested in getting your hands on this awesome online movie app, you can check out Movie Box Download tutorials here. Talking more about the app, it’s coming with an unprecedented collection and features at the same time. By the way, there are several rumours that you need to pay for Movie Box. These are wrong and the app is completely free to use.

MovieBox for iOS is the ultimate platform for finding, watching and downloading your favourite films and TV Series. Rich in terms of content, you can find almost any full-length movie or TV Series episode in the collection. If you want to watch the content after some time, you can download the files and store it in your device. So, the next time, even when you do not have an internet connection, you can enjoy the collection. The downloading process is so simple that Movie Box is considered one of the best free movie downloader apps. MovieBox does not have any in-app purchases; nor does it require you to have an account for functioning. Right after the installation, you can access the whole media collection. In addition, Movie Box has an intuitive User Interface, which is simple even for a kid.

When compared to the others in industry, Movie Box for iOS is indeed the best free movie app you can get. You may have to spend a few minutes for installation, but the collection of full HD movies is really compelling. Let that be action, drama or animation, you have a way-out with Movie Box app.

2. Viewster

Viewster is yet another option for free app to watch media content. Are you looking for a combination of full-length films, TV Series and anime content? If so, Viewster can be the best online movie app for your iOS device. It needs to be noted that Viewster is more popular for anime content than for movies or TV Series. In fact, thousands of users from around the globe are using Viewster to watch up-to-date anime content, which is curated by the Viewster team. As the company says, the collection is comprehensive, latest and worth-watching. Just like the case of Movie Box, Viewster does not require any account creation or sign-ins. You just install the app, and you have the collection of movies and anime waiting for you.

The unique point of Viewster is the officially-licensed content. You are not into any illegal stuff, but can have access to the variety of visual content — without paying anything. So, the next time you find an impressive TV series in the collection of Viewster, you can view that with confident. Weekly updates make Viewster popular among the movie freaks. Let that be a TV Series or full-length movies, you can expect the new titles every single week. Despite not having an account system, you can create watch-lists in the Viewster iOS app. And, what’s more, if you needed full-screen support, you can make use of AirPlay or Chromecast to bring the streamed content into bigger screens. So, if you are planning to watch some great anime content and films, you can download movies app from Viewster.

Summing up, Viewster is offering a well-curated collection of video content, especially in the anime category. That does not mean that you don’t get cool films and TV series there. It’s just that you can have the original content that you do not find anywhere else. And, this is something we should expect from one of the best free movies apps.

3. SnagFilms

Another way to watch movies and TV shows for free, SnagFilms is quite popular among iOS users. On top of everything, users love the exclusive collection of films and TV series, from different genres. For instance, we can take the section of Movies. There, you find titles from different categories such as adventure, science fiction, comedy, erotic, romance and horror. In addition to the popular titles, SnagFilms also offers a wide-acclaimed collection of indie movies and the classic flicks, for that matter. In short, with a bit of exaggeration, SnagFilms free movies app has almost all kinds of movies for all users out there, regardless the taste. And, in case if you are wondering, the app is featuring a bunch of documentaries and special-edition content too.

When it comes to the features, SnagFilms is right after the good ones. On top of everything, the multiplatform support is something commendable. You can access the content in almost all devices. And, thanks to this feature, you can watch the same content on multiple screens like iPhone, iPad or your Desktop. Also, if you have an Apple TV, you can stream content into your Television screen as well. This works well, when we consider the best-quality video content you get from app. If we go to additional features, there is the Syncing feature, in-app sharing and genre-based searches to get the right flicks. You can use the service without an account, but an account makes SnagFilms one of the best multi-platform apps to watch movies free.

If you are looking for a comprehensive collection of free movies and other media content, SnagFilms is the best app. As it has been said, SnagFilms gallery consists of popular films as well as not-so-popular documentaries. For the matter of trust and reliability, you can download SnagFilms from App Store. Altogether, if you prefer collection over movie download app features, you can go with SnagFilms.

4. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is the best choice if you are looking for one of the best free movie apps in iOS. You can download this app from App Store directly and start using it right away. With such an awesome collection of free films, Popcornflix has been the well-trusted choice of movie lovers for watching and downloading films free. According to many reviews and trusted voices, Popcornflix has the entire collection that consists of drama, documentaries, comedy, family and whatnot. The best part is that you can find the popular, well-known movies in the collection and watch them as many times as you like. It is having no limitation whatsoever.

Easier organization is one of the exclusive features of Popcornflix, not to mention the methods to filter your results and get the right one. Another feature we found helpful is the customized watch list. It means that you can add different sets of content into your watch-list and watch them whenever you want. Thanks to the in-app optimization, you can view all the content even when you are on Wi-Fi or 3G.

In short, Popcornflix app for iOS sticks on to the tagline — Great Movies. Free. As the promise goes, you can have the big-enough collection of movies, organized wisely and available from anywhere around. So, if you are more concerned about the selection of content, you get to have the Popcornflix app for free movies.

So, we end the list of the apps for iOS here.

Summing Things Up​

So, we have seen some of the best free movies apps for Android and iOS device. So, it does not matter if you have Android smartphone, tablet PC, iPhone or an iPad, you can enjoy movies for free, using any of these apps. If you ask us our favourite choice in the list, we will definitely go for MovieBox for iOS and ShowBox for Android. But, once again, it’s all about your own requirement.

For instance, if you are looking for an impressive collection of full-length films only, MovieBox can be the best free movie download app. On the other hand, if you are planning to stream some not-so-common content — like a few documentaries or so —, you may have to go with SnagFilms or others. However, it needs to be noted that many iOS apps don’t have support for movie downloading. They let you stream well, without any glitches whatsoever. Despite all these things, there is an advantage you all have and it’s about portability.

Suppose you are on the train and have a good internet connection at your disposal. If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry about boredom anymore. You can just get one of these movie downloader and free movie streaming apps out there and start watching the content you like. Just don’t care whether you are into science fiction or romance, you will find one superb flick in any of these movie apps for Android and iOS. It’s a great news for movie lovers, isn’t it?