How to Give Your Man the Best Experience

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oved in America’s most popular breakfast cereal, chocolate is a delcious and addictive way to start the day. With a delicious package of chocolate, you and your partner will wake up feeling indulgent and satisfied. You know what makes chocolate so special? removable nibbles! So indulge your taste buds nattering with a tub of them by 9:00 a.m.

Yummy, decadent, tasty, choose, we’re ready to eat.


Whether you imbibe or chew, there is no doubt that liquorice will be aiding you with your oral pleasures. If you don’t like adding to your diet, feel free to omit the liquorice if you are in a hurry. However, if you must incorporate this delightful bitter food, try adding a few drops to a glass of water. upon a casual encounter, invite your partner to indulge with you. You could either go with dry or milk ice, although you may prefer a mixture of both. Curious to know what liquorice is? It is known as the curious little weed that needs to be cooked up for itsExcellent Ability. You will be surprised to see what it can do for your sex life.


Choose a bar of chocolate, vanilla, semi-sweet, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate.ump not only for the aroma, but also for the taste, which will be rich and satisfying. Use a shallowipe to apply the chocolate, and don’t worry about wasting the product. After you are done, cover the candy with a towel and portion out evenly.


Why do you need this? This cheekyresents a twist to your oral pleasuring. Press two pieces together with your tongue, and suck the underside of each. While your tongue is pleasuring, simply skim the other away.

Ice Cream

This works for all phases of foreplay, from priming to teasing. Melt an ice cube into your mouth and drip the warm liquid over your partner’s body. It will warm him up and add a lovely twist to the oral technique.

Oil rubbed on your nipples

Nipple stimulation is a highly sensitive area of the body. This creates instant arousal. Rub an oil-based or petroleum product on your nipples and pay particular attention to the tips. Remember that the nerves in this area are especially sensitive and can be used to increase the sexual drive.

Kiss, Touch and Caress

There are three hot and sexy tips to using your fingers, lips and palms to heighten his arousal. Suck, lick and kiss his body. You can undress more of him at a time, skipping over the less interesting parts. Or, you can start the encounter by skipping over his less appealing organs, like his feet and making your way up to his penis. Don’t let him get you started, and don’t make him wait too long. Most importantly, avoid the genital parts. These are sensitive body parts that can stimulate him in an instant.

Use oral sex or your hands to get him really aroused and then to keep him there. The penis is more positionable and more susceptible to intense stimulation than the vulva. Use your tongue, lips, teeth, and even your hands to manipulate the penis and lick it just right of the action. There are many ways to pleasure a man orally and with these tips you will be able to give him the best experience.