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Top 10 Best DC Animated Movies of All Time

Since its inception, the DC animated universe has been able to capture the minds of both kids and adults for over 20 years. Together with Warner bros, DC has been able to piece together some of the most mesmerizing animation movies of all time. The following ten DC animated movies are by far the representation of the best that the DC animation universe has had to offer to its targeted audience. From least to best, the list is as follows:

10. Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths-2010

This is an amazing DC animation movie whose setting is primarily based on the comics JLA:Earth 2 and Crisis on Earth Three. This is amazing to watch as it depicts a unique setting in which the Earth prime heroes are made to contend with their dopplegangers from Earth 3. It is a well-coordinated piece which reveals DC’s consistency in as far as satisfying their audience is concerned. You can now stream the movie online or download it to your smartphone using MovieBox Apk

9. Justice League War-2014

This should not shock you. The two Justice League DC animation movies are certainly phenomenal. Like its predecessor, the story for this one is quite unique but interesting and sets the pace for other upcoming DC animated movies. DC surprised its universe by introducing a new story, Justice League: Origin based on the New 52 canon. It is more adapted to adult animation although it also fits perfectly into the confines of its usual audience.

8. Batman: Assault On Arkham-2014

In the year of the release of Justice League War, DC also released Batman: Assault on Arkham. This piece was stunningly unique and mind capturing. It was partially based on video game series Arkam, but a whole different story altogether. The suicide squad dominated the whole story featuring DC’s famous leader Amanda Waller and the Dark Knight. It is a perfect piece for you if you would like to see the other side of DC universe which focuses on the Suicide squad and swerves away from the superhero stories you are used to. We recommend you to get some Free Movie Apps on your smartphone to keep yourself updated with the DC Universe and new releases.

7. The Dark Knight Returns-2012

In 2012, DC was poised to surprise the whole DC universe with the reintroduction of the Dark Knight, a character that had once captured the attention of the DC universe prior to his retirement. This time around, he is forced to emerge out of retirement and fight against the Mutants. DC uses Weller’s voice for the Dark Knight to reassert their prowess when it comes to choosing voice characters. It is an action packed movie with non-stop intrigue and fan.

6. Justice League: Gods and Monsters-2015

After a series of successful Justice League movies, DC was at it again. This time around DC shows the universe that it is capable of surprises. The movie is based on a standalone story which is not connected to its predecessor stories. It is an explicit and mature movie in which the character’s origins were completely different.

5. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker-2000

Joker returns to the scene in a spectacular fashion. The movie comes in both the rated and unrated versions. It has been renowned for being one of the most emotional stories DC has ever told. The unrated version features more violence and intensity in speech. It reveals the past about the Joker and Batman and presents their longstanding struggle in a unique way. The manner in which the Joker returns to action is what makes this movie unique and electrifying.

4. Wonder Woman-2009

In 2009, DC showed why they have been able to win a lion share of the animation television audience after they brought Wonder woman on the scene in great fashion. The story is based on the origins of the prolific princess and warrior. Almost all of her supporting characters are incorporated into the movie, making it an epic action packed movie.

3. Justice League: Doom-2012

This is amazing movie whose storyline is based on the contingency plan by Batman which eventually led to the fall of the superheroes. It is an action packed movie with non-stop intrigue. What is interesting is how the Batman rivals the man who had laid hands on his contingency plan.

2. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox-2013

This Justice League movie is able to feature on this list based on its ability to present the time paradox in a whole new fashion. It reveals the story of Barry Allan the Flash, his attempts to reset time in a bid to save his mother who was killed in cold blood and how such a move caused untold damage to the universe. How he dealt with the paradox is what sets this movie apart.

1. Batman: Under the Red Hood-2010

This is by far the most compelling and mind capturing Batman story of all time. It is adapted from two comic books, the Death in the Family and Under the Red Hood. The manner in which it presents the batman story is just mind staggering. It tells a story involving Batman and his ex-partner who Batman loses during a crime fight. At the same time, a new menace is in town threatening to destroy Batman and the crime fighting unity. But, this tyrant is actually Batman’s ex-partner under the Red Hood, making the story even more interesting. So what are you waiting for? Go grab some popcorn and watch it now on Movie Box App.

MovieBox APK Download – Movie Box App for Android

There is an issue almost all movie freaks face — having their favorite flicks when they need! It sounds almost impossible to store all the favorite films in your Android smartphone or tablet PC. Otherwise, you need to have a memory card of 1 TB storage size or so. For common users, this does not make sense and that’s where Cloud Streaming comes to the scene. Isn’t it great if you can stream and download your favorite films, videos and TV Series episodes right through your Android smartphone or tablet PC? That is what we are going to do using Movie Box App for Android. With this app and a standard internet connection, all your favorite films are a few taps away — sounds great, doesn’t it?

Movie Box for Android — Let’s Make Things Clear​

If you have been following the scene of smartphone movie streaming, you’d have heard of Movie Box app. It’s a simple & effective way people use for streaming and downloading the desired films. All it takes is an internet connection and a well-performing smartphone with you. The best part is that Movie Box is completely free to download and use, unlike what is it with Netflix or Hulu. Thanks to the huge collection it has, you will be able to find the favourite flicks, let that be Action, Drama, Art or anything else. In the same way, you can get your hands on the best TV Series as well, regardless the airing time or genre. In short, for almost all movie freaks and occasional viewers, Movie Box is an essential app. Nevertheless, it is true that Movie Box isn’t available in Google Play Store or Apple Store. It may be due to copyright-related stuff, but do not worry. We have many ways that can be used for installing and running this super-cool app in your phones.

Now, we will move onto Movie Box Android and the much-important Movie Box APK download. You might have noticed that Movie Box is not available for Android smartphones and tablet PCs. In fact, it’s just that the app is not available under the name ‘Movie Box’. Instead of following that name, you can do something else to have Movie Box on your Android — get ShowBox. In case if you did not know, ShowBox is exactly like MovieBox and it can be your one-and-only platform to stream and download the favourite films from different categories and genres. Summing up things, ShowBox is the Movie Box for Android and it works so smoothly.

We hope things are clear about Movie Box for Android and the concept of ShowBox. So, we will move onto tell you how you can download and install ShowBox APK to get the right films, anytime, anywhere. In addition, we can suggest a bunch of Movie Box alternatives so that you can keep streaming even when you don’t have access to Movie Box for Android.

​How to Download Movie Box for Android — or, ShowBox for Android

Well, this is the primary question you would have. If you think it’s difficult to get Movie Box running on your Android, you are wrong. With some simple steps, you can download and install this cool app in your device and start streaming, right away. Also, when compared to the process of installing Movie Box on iPhone or iPad, this one is pretty minimalistic as well as straightforward. Shall we jump into the steps, then?

Before we Start

As you can guess, we need to use an .APK file for installing Movie Box on Android. It is because the app isn’t available in official application stores like Google Play Store. So, before we start, you’ve to download the Movie Box APK file from This Link.

  • Step One

As you might know, all Android smartphones come with some security measures. Due to these, you cannot simply go and install an application from a direct source, other than Google Play Store. So, before we install the APK file, you need to get the permission to do that.

To enable the permission, you have to go to Settings à Security. There, you can see many options. From the options, you have to tick the one named ‘Allow Unknown Sources’. You may get a prompt to confirm that. Click Yes and you will have enabled the Unknown Sources option in your Android device.

We are following this step now, so that we can avoid that coming back. If we don’t allow this option, you won’t be able to run the .APK file on a direct basis. You will be prompted at that time, and it will be necessary to come back and enable this option to continue Movie Box Android installation.

  • Step Two

Once you have done that, you have to browse the folder where you have stored the ShowBox APK file. Go to the folder, and open the APK file.

  • Step Three

Now, you would be seeing the Installation wizard in your phone. Click ‘Install’ to start the process and it will be completed in a few seconds or so.

  • Final Step

That’s it. Now, go to the home screen of your Android Smartphone or the App Drawer. You will be able to see the ShowBox icon on the screen. And, right away, you can tap and open the ShowBox application to start watching your favourite films and TV series.


So, that’s one of the easiest methods for installing Movie Box on Android, using the APK file we’ve given above. However, make sure that you are downloading the ShowBox v4.72 only. It’s the only version that can work without much errors or glitches. For instance, you may find some errors in the v4.7 from any sources. By choosing the right version of ShowBox, it is possible to have a hassle-free movie streaming experience on your device. It’s also the safest version if we look from the security point of view.

About ShowBox App for Android

If you are still confused about the ShowBox app for Android, we are here to help you. We’ll share some essential info on the ShowBox app you can download for your devices.

  • Pricing: Movie Box for Android is completely free to use. You may find some sites that ask you to pay to download and install the app on your device. However, you should not be a prey to those fraud stuff. There are many ways to get the MovieBox app installed on your Android smartphone or tablet PC. And, we have provided the easiest method above.
  • Working: The working process of Movie Box Android is simple enough to understand. It does not require you to create any account. Instead, right after the installation, you can browse the huge-enough collection of movies, TV series and other content. Even for a kid, the working of ShowBox is understandable and clear.
  • User Interface: The User Interface of the app is something minimal and beautiful. Regardless your experience on movie streaming and related stuff, you won’t have any trouble in navigating through the Movie Box collection of media content. The same simplicity is there when you have to download a particular video or film for offline access from your smartphones.
  • Downloading: In case if you did not notice, Movie Box App for Android lets you download movies too. Instead of spending your data packs every single time, you can store certain films for local access. This is useful when you’re going for a trip or something. You can download all the favorite films from the inventory and watch them even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Last but not least, MovieBox Android does not put any kind of in-app purchases. Once you have installed the app, every video shown there is accessible for you. You don’t have to pay anything for individual way. This is different from most of the so-called free streaming apps.

These are the few aspects you should know before you start using the ShowBox app. Keep these in mind and you can prevent others from fooling you. And, another good news for those who are on slow internet connection. The app lets you adjust the quality of video according to the internet bandwidth and speed. If you are restricted, you can bring quality to 480p or 260p and enjoy the streaming smoothly. Of course, this may influence the visual quality, but something is better than nothing, right?

Movie Box for Android Alternatives — When MovieBox Doesn’t Work

We have given you an effective method to install Movie Box on your Android device. That having said, there may be a few situations when the application isn’t working for you. Alternatively, you may a device running on another platform. In all these situations, you can pick one of the following MovieBox alternatives to get the job done.

  • PlayBox: Another popular alternative for Show Box and Movie Box, this one is available for devices running on iOS. It means you’d get it on your iPad or iPhone, to bring the high-quality video streaming. Just like the other apps, this does not ditch quality. You can choose the playing quality according to your connection and everything would be fine in the long run.
  • Popcorn Time App: This is an excellent solution if you want to access high-quality films and TV series from multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Linux. Yeah, you heard us right. You can enjoy all the perks of the Popcorn Time App from your Linux PC or other devices. However, there’s a small problem with the installation part. In order to install that on your iOS device, you need a PC and internet connection. But, thankful to the developers, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to do that. And trust us when we say that Popcorn Time has one of the finest movie collections in the world. Period.
  • Crackle: Crackle is another movie-streaming app with cool User Interface. In seconds, you can shift between the different sections and find the film that you are looking for. From the usability point of view, this has a cool collection and working process. And, trust us, this can be a good alternative to MovieBox and ShowBox at certain times and situations. So, keep this name in your mind if you don’t get through the process of installing Movie Box App for Android.
The Conclusion

We believe that the best things in the world are free. That’s the reason we have bought you an effective yet free method to install Movie Box app on your Android, using the APK-based installation. We repeat that the application is completely free to use and you don’t have to pay money for watching films. There are several malicious sources that try to persuade that you need to pay for Movie Box. But, you really don’t have to do that. Instead, just follow our tutorial to get things done and start playing films on the smartphone screen of yours.

In case the installation does not work, you can pick one of the alternatives as well. We have given three alternatives for ShowBox that work well in different platforms. In short, when you are passionate about movies, we have everything that can help you stream the favourite ones 😉